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Posted | by Joseph Brown

Profound Aesthetic: Fashion that you can't ignore
What do Shia Labeouf, Kendrick Lamar, and Neyo all have in common? Aside from the fact they’re all A-listers our girlfriends wouldn’t mind dating, they’ve all been spotted in one of our favourite street wear brands, Profound Aesthetic. That scores them double plus points from us, because Profound Aesthetic is a label that’s fast becoming the brand to be seen in.

Profound Aesthetic is an all-American affair that’s gained a cool elitist following from the men of NYC and beyond. Here at 13 Nelson Street, we’re proud to say we’re the UK’s exclusive supplier of this cutting edge and contemporary men’s fashion label. That means all of our Profound Aesthetics items are sourced directly from the USA, so you’re guaranteed of their authenticity. You’re also guaranteed to be one step ahead of the rest of the fashion pack – which as far as we’re concerned is the best (and only) way to be.

So what sort of things can you expect from the range?

Well, there’s no doubting that Profound Aesthetic is a label that deserves some serious attention. What other brand manages to seamlessly blend a look that mixes laid back collegiate-style pieces with more ghetto-influenced designs? We can’t think of any, no sir.

T-shirts are the basics of every man’s wardrobe but more often than not, they fall a little flat – and everywhere you look someone’s wearing one you’ve seen a thousand times over. We’re tired of that. So that’s why we’re all over the range from Profound Aesthetic. Paisley bandana print t-shirts. ‘Ballers league’ t-shirts with front and back prints. Monarchia Mastermind t-shirts. The designs are fresh, recognisable, and big on statements. Plus, they look right at home whether you’re wearing them on the streets of Leeds or London.


Pullover-style, or zip-up – Profound Aesthetic has stamped its mark on the classic hoodie and given it a makeover that we can’t ignore. For extreme comfort that doesn’t compromise on style, the Profound Aesthetic White Letter Pullover Hoodie in grey is a dead cert. It’s part of the Visions and Victories collection from the brand and features an embroidered gothic-style ‘P’ on the front, and bold ‘Profound O8’ on the back. You’ll have to keep a tight hold on this hoodie as we have a feeling it’s one of those items that could easily go walkabout (courtesy of thieving brothers and girlfriends!).


Hats. iPhone cases. Wristwear. Profound Aesthetic does the lot. In particular, who could fail to ignore those hats? Their ‘Flight of the Birds’ five panel hat is a work of genius. With navy canvas covered in a cool bird and flower print, it’s definitely not your average hat. Add the leather buckle strap at the back to give you the perfect fit, and the Profound Aesthetic Company label at the front, and it’s a hat you’ll find hard to take off. We’re pretty sure these Profound Aesthetic hats will soon have gained ‘iconic headgear’ status so make history before everyone else…

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