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Posted | by Has Shah

Introducing: Hope Not Out by the Shahid Afridi Foundation

It’s time to celebrate here at 13 Nelson St, as we have just partnered up with the revolutionary Shahid Afridi Foundation! A charity set up in 2014 by Shahid Afridi to help support the existing health and education system of his own country Pakistan as well as worldwide, the charity has gone from strength to strength in the last three years, and we’ve been keen to help out.

To raise awareness for this amazing cause, every visitor to our store will now be able to browse and buy a brilliant range of Shahid Afridi t-shirts at our store, priced at only £15 each. Taking their bold slogan “Hope, Not Out”, the foundation have designed a collection of nine distinctive t-shirts, each with the same “Hope, Not Out” phrase adorned on the front. Available in a range of colours from grey to yellow, white, navy and black, this collection truly has a t-shirt for every casual clothing wearer. Not only this, but a staggering 100% of all sales we receive here on our store will go back to the charity. Yep, you read that right - all of your money goes straight through to the foundation. So whether you’re a cricket fan or not, we hope that you’ll join us in this clothing revolution and buy one of their t-shirts to make a difference.

So why the Shahid Afridi Foundation? Simple, really - Shahid Afridi Foundation's vision and mission is to create positive change and ultimately a better world. And we found it hard to argue with that! Given that our 13 Nelson St team are also big cricket fans, we’ve always admired Shahid Afridi and so his charity was a natural choice for us when looking for a foundation to support.

Shahid Afridi, a cricketer of Pakistan has always been regularly associated with different charitable activities from a very early age. Affectionately known as ‘Boom Boom’, he has a huge fan following from all over the world and enjoys a record of taking the most wickets and is also known for his longest sixes of any form internationally. Towards the end of his international cricketing career he decided to establish a foundation of his own, and so in March 2014 he launched the Shahid Afridi Foundation, with the mission of providing basic healthcare and educational facilities to the people of Pakistan. A simple vision to help the world enjoy peace and equality through the improvement of health and education, SAF wants to see the less fortunate healthy and educated in the upcoming years, saved from all social evils.

Shahid Afridi Foundation

Shahid’s vision remains clear:

“My dedication is towards supporting individuals in acquiring appropriate health facilities and facilitating them with better educational opportunities. Not only within Pakistan, I also want to focus on the people of Asia, Africa, America & Europe. Providing clean drinking water and healthy food are also amongst my top priorities.”

Here at 13 Nelson St, we know exactly how important it is to support and encourage younger generations from all backgrounds. The Shahid Afridi Foundation aims to support the existing health and education system of the country and promote sports amongst the younger generation, which is something that we can’t help but admire. So let’s join hands and make a difference. Shop the Shahid Afridi Foundation collection now.


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