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Posted | by Joseph Brown

Cruyff Classics: Dutch Design that's even better than their Football!
Netherlands may have taken their final bow out of the World Cup, but they damn well gave a good fight. When you look at their sporting history, it’s no surprise they got so far. Take their countryman, Johan Cruyff for instance. He’s well known as one of the most famous football players in history, and he led the Netherlands team to the final of the 1974 FIFA World Cup.

His on-field credentials go on and on to the point that he has a football trick named after him. The Cruyff turn.


Following his glittering career he has found similar world-wide success with his own brand of trainers - Cruyff Classics.

Cruyff Classics – like the Dutch maestro himself – are trainers that go about setting trends, not following them. They’re up there, taking risks, pushing the boundaries forward, and are never content with being second best. Here at 13 Nelson St we like that kind of attitude. It takes balls.

Cruyff Classics have stamped their mark all over a range of contemporary and retro-inspired trainers. For starters, there are the Cruyff Classics Vondelpark trainers, which we stock in red and grey. These trainers have a running shoe profile that features mesh and suede uppers, patent detail around the laces, and a towelling finish on the inside of the tongue. Add the thick foam sole and rubberised stud grip on the bottom and you’ve got a trainer that you won’t want to part with.


Elsewhere in the Cruyff Classics collection, you’ll find the Vicenzo trainers. For SS14 these new Cruyff trainers have been given finishes that see them embracing advances in fashion technology. They feature aqua stop technology, which means they’re water resistant. They’re also made from material which is scratch resistant, so you can expect them to look good for a serious amount of time. They’re available in a number of colours, from classic all black to the other end of the spectrum, all white.

The entire Cruyff Classics collection certainly embraces its inspiration and heritage. You’ll find certain Cruyff trainers feature Johan Cruyff’s signature embroidered onto the sides, while the trainer styles themselves have a definite retro look to them. That includes the new addition of the Cruyff Santi trainers. While they showcase cutting edge fabrics like the rip-stop canvas, they’re a classic court shoe which wouldn’t have looked out of place had Johan Cruyff worn them himself back in his glory days.

Cruyff Classics are a trainer label that deserves to be taken notice of. We have a feeling that – just like Johan himself – they’ll still be going strong for years to come.


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